Services in Response to COVID-19

WVCA Preschool Distance Learning

We realize the challenges families with young children face, and in an effort to maintain home and school connections, while providing high quality early education curriculum, and access to professional early educators for learning and parental support, we have developed a distance learning program. 

WVCA Preschool & Distance Learning

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enrollment registration Packet

Please complete the Registration Packet and submit tuition by April 30 to be guaranteed May 4 Delivery of first Distance Learning Curriculum Kits. Ongoing registration submissions must be received two weeks before the next scheduled delivery on the first and third Monday of each month.  Email completed registration packets to  Tuition can be submitted online through Tracy Community Church "Give" by selecting "WVCA Preschool" in the drop-down menu.  Once packet and tuition are received you will be emailed a confirmation and introductory email.  

Enrollment Registration Packet (pdf)