Admissions Criteria



Admissions Criteria

Children of families who have a shared philosophy for approaches to learning, guidance and discipline practices, learning goals, and who have physical, emotional, and health related needs that can be met in the applicants WVCA Preschool Department ratio will be considered for admission at WVCA Preschool and Child Care. WVCA Young Preschool Department Ratio is 1:9,  Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Department Ratios are 1 Teacher to 12 students. WVCA School Age Ratio is 1 Teacher to 14 students. 

Admissions Process


WVCA Preschool admissions process includes:

1. Submission of a WVCA Preschool Application and completion of all CCL required supplemental forms.

2. Attend an interview with the perspective student present to review CCL, program policies, and approaches to learning, assess the child’s mental, physical, and emotional needs.

3. Admissions Determinations are sent to the applying authorized representative of the student.



The final step of the admissions process is to orientate the family to our school, receive the parent handbook, and most importantly, for your child to meet and greet with their new teacher and friends before the first day of school.


Please scan and submit completed forms with immunization record to Admissions@WVCAPreschool. com  or by mail to:

West Valley Christian Academy Preschool 

1790 Sequoia Blvd.

Tracy, CA  95376

WVCA Preschool Application 2019-2020 (pdf)


WVCA Preschool Parent Handbook 2019-2020 (pdf)